Eleanor Wirtz

 Black River Falls High School

"I plan to make a difference."

Hometown: Black River Falls, Wisconsin

PBS Mentor Station: PBS Wisconsin

Six-word Memoir: I plan to make a difference.

Why did you choose to get involved in storytelling?

It’s a class offered at my high school, and the advisor also does yearbook. That’s how I started, but I chose to become invested because I realized that it would give me a platform to spread ideas.

What story are you most proud of?

I did a MOTS series for my school’s online newspaper covering positive things, like students thanking their favorite teachers, saying things they love about school, etc. I think it was a good reminder for all of us that we have a ton to be grateful for. I’m most proud of those videos, even though they weren’t the ones that took the most time or effort.

How can youth media change the world? 

I think we are efficient enough with social media that we will be able to get our messages out there to the people who want to listen. We can utilize the different areas we live to help spread our work.

Who is your role model?

Elle Tahtinen, she grew up in my area but she lives in LA now. She’s a professional dancer, and is literally the human manifestation of girl power. She is also one of the most uplifting and humble souls to exist, and has inspired me since she first day she taught my ballet class.

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