Anlli Magaly Ramirez

Ontario High School

"Dream it, want it, do it."

Hometown: Montclair, California

PBS Mentor Station: PBS SoCal

Six-word Memoir: Dream it, want it, do it.

Why did you choose to get involved in storytelling?

I chose to get involved with storytelling because growing up I always saw and heard stories from many different people with different and interesting stories, from their past or that was currently happening. And I would wonder why no one was taking them seriously or getting them out there for others to listen or learn from. Or really get the proper recognition they deserve and I want to really help those people with telling their stories because it would mean a lot to them and it would also mean a lot for us to listen and learn from them. So it really benefits us all.

What story are you most proud of?

Stories that I am most proud of is the project for No Labels Attached video I created. Because I really got to learn a lot about the person I interviewed and how stereotypes really work and affect people. So for me it made it even more important to tell that story in the best way possible. Like including good footage, good b roll ,clean editing, different kinds of shots just overall making the interviewee look good and have their story told in the best way possible. So having that motivation to really tell an important story about someone that really made me give it my all into putting the story together and making it as great as possible.

How can youth media change the world? 

Youth media can inform the world during the coronavirus pandemic because sense we’re of younger age people closer to our age the youth are more like to take us seriously or be more open to what we’re saying . If they listen to us talk about how serious it is, to stay home they will and if the older audience sees how serious the youth is taking it.Especially sense with todays common controversial stereotype with youth being the “youth doesn’t listen they do not care” or “Yes the youth is doing their part in getting involved”. If they do see the youth doing their part older audiences will most likely follow into it too.

Who is your role model?

My role model is my parents because they never give up and always find a away to advance in life even when it gets complicated they don’t give up.

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