It’s OK not to be OK

May 28, 2021 — Season 1

On Our Minds hosts Noah and Zion explore the stigma around mental health and share personal stories about social anxiety and combating panic attacks from teens in Michigan and Texas. This episode includes actress Asia Jackson describing how she copes with anxiety and depression and features tips from adolescent health physician Dr. Hina Talib on how to stay proactive when it comes to your mental health. Click here for this episode’s transcript.

Stories in this episode were produced by Nicholas from F.V. Pankow Center in Clinton Township, Michigan, with support from Connected Educator Michael Kaufman; Ariana from McCallum High School in Austin, Texas, with support from Connected Educator David Winters; Trevor from Omaha North High Magnet School in Nebraska, with support from Natalie Runyon; Matt from Abington High School in Massachusetts, with support from Patricia Pflaumer; Lis from Haldane High School in New York, with support from Connected Educator Jackie McGrath; Brandon from Canyon High School in California, with support from Connected Educator Ryanne Meschkat; Brytni from Caesar Rodney in Delaware, with support from Connected Educator Elise Knable; Maddy from an interview with Sonal Prakash from Dominion High School, with support from Connected Educator Mitch Schwartz; and Jaylah Moore-Ross, Student Reporting Labs production assistant. This episode was produced and edited by Student Reporting Labs Youth Media producer Briget Ganske with production assistance from Mercedes Ezeji.