Heart to hurt: How not to lose yourself in a relationship

March 28, 2023 — Season 3

The American Pediatric Association emphasizes that behaviors and knowledge learned from teen relationships impact mental health and set a foundation for building healthy relationships in adulthood. Hear how teens break the cycle of an unhealthy relationship, find their own identity, cope with break-ups, and handle friends or partners who trauma-dump through digital communications. Click here for this episode’s transcript.

Stories in this episode were produced by Zoey, MacKenzie, Imari and Chosen from Eastside Technical School in Lexington, Kentucky; Landon, Chloe, and Rosalee from Clinton Senior High School in New York; and Natalie, Nadia, Kaitlyn, and Kyann from Sedro-Woolley High School in Sedro-Woolley Washington. This episode was produced by youth media producer Chris Schwalm and production assistant Mercedes Ezeji with help from lead podcast producer Briget Ganske.