Transitioning to College

Windsor High School

Windsor, California

First-generation college student Valerie Perez and graduating high school senior Eymard Bracamontes describe how the AVID program has prepared them for the challenges of higher education.

Produced by Zachary Perez, Makenzie Hernandez, Estrella Gaona and Marisol Gaona at Windsor High School in California. Instruction provided by SRL Connected Educator Paul Kinunen. Mentorship provided by SRL associate producer Kristy Choi. Station support provided by KQED.

Meet the Producers

We decided to pursue the story about AVID at Windsor High because all four of us have been in the AVID program during our high school careers. This program has helped us in a tremendous number of ways, so we wanted to bring more awareness to the program and its impact. The most challenging part about putting this story together was visualizing what we ultimately wanted the video to look like and then putting it all together to create a flow.

Kristy Choi, our program manager and mentor, was a great help in developing our story. She helped by throwing ideas around, giving her personal advice, and helping us through the entire process. The most rewarding part of the process was to see the final video. It showed that our hard work and time paid off in the end. We hope that this video brings national awareness to students who are in similar situations and anyone aspiring to go to college.

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