Creating a Concussion Sensor

The LINC High School


Jessie Garcia had a head impact during a game and wanted to know if there was a way to check if she had a concussion. The only product available was too expensive, so she rolled up her sleeves and got to work creating a purely mechanical head impact sensor. Students at The LINC visited Jessie’s factory to tell her story.

*This piece was the winning film at the 2019 SRL STEM Film Festival.

Story produced by Angel Class, Lasage Arrington-Shaw, Jonathan Claudio, Jaisha Roman, Joymar Valdez, Rocelyn Caraballo, Scott Deleon, Jeffrey Jaquez, Shymere Mciver, Emmanuel Tapia, Joshia Camacho, Darline Diaz-Garcia, Jonathan Morales, Angel Pineiro, Daisy Sosa, Jahmir Choy-Henderson, Beauford Davis, Kaiherra Jones, Kayla Pitter-Newberry and Justin Rodriguez at The LINC High School in Philadelphia, PA. Instruction provided by STEM SRL Connected Educator Justin Deutsch. Special Thanks to WHYY's Lisa Wilk, Steve Dixon, and Felix Agosto.

NewsHour Extra Lessons:

STEM Student Reporting Labs: Why this athlete created a sports concussion sensor

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