About the Series

PBS NewsHour Student Reporting Labs and Student Television Network investigate how schools across the country are rethinking what it means to feel safe and be safe at school.


Students at Pflugerville High School in Texas report on how their school reacted to a threat made through social media and how their district spent money from a school safety bond on new entryway vestibules and procedures.

Camera operator, Co-director, Editor: Matthew Spellings
Co-director, Editor, Reporter: Kennedy Huff
Editor: Andrew Duncan
Reporter: Casey Aguilar, Paton LaBelle

SRL Adviser: David Robb

Produced with mentor support from KLRU

Behind the Scenes

(Left to right) Pflugerville High School students Matthew Spellings, Kennedy Huff and Andrew Duncan stand in front of the Paramount Theatre in Austin, Texas minutes before the UIL Young Filmmakers Festival State Finals Screening. The students earned a certificate of achievement for “Safer Entrances.”