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Indian-American performer finds balance between identities

Reporting Lab Report | Feb 27, 2017

Growing up as the child of Indian immigrants, Abhaya Krishnan-Jha sometimes felt caught between her heritage and American upbringing.

San Mateo High School, San Mateo, CA

Haitian ex-pat works to empower communities in home country

Reporting Lab Report | Feb 21, 2017

Ismail Jean Baptiste founded Dream Haiti to create a connection between his new community in Buffalo, New York and his home country.

Native American teens: “We’re equal and we’re here”

Reporting Lab Report | Feb 10, 2017

Though not #New Americans, Native American students at a Wisconsin high school still have to deal with ignorance and hate speech.

Black River Falls High School, Black River Falls, WI

Russian academic calls life in U.S. ‘a different world’

Reporting Lab Report | Feb 10, 2017

Victor Kostelanetz brought his family to the United States from Russia so that they could enjoy the freedoms and opportunities life in America affords.

DACA provides chance for undocumented student to attend college

Reporting Lab Report | Feb 10, 2017

Even though she is undocumented, DACA recipient Lessli Martinez has applied to multiple universities and has even received scholarships to help her pursue a college education.

Legacy Charter School, Greenville, SC

Filipino migrant recounts struggles of U.S. immigration process

Reporting Lab Report | Feb 7, 2017

Moving to Hawaii from the Philippines was a years-long process for Glenn Marcos. Thanks to patience and hard work, the rest of his family is now able to enjoy life in the U.S.

Seeking safety and security in America

Reporting Lab Report | Feb 3, 2017

Violence and crime prompted Jenny and her mom to emigrate from South Africa to the United States, where she is happy to be living in a safer community.

Hillsdale High School, San Mateo, CA

Food trucks give immigrants chance to share culture and make a living

Reporting Lab Report | Feb 3, 2017

Many Americans enjoy the growing trend of food trucks, which have allowed generations of immigrants to bring quick and delicious food to customers conveniently.

From Vietnam to Buffalo: A family’s journey

Reporting Lab Report | Feb 2, 2017

As a child, Hien Pham escaped Vietnam and eventually came to Buffalo, New York where she had to learn how to adjust to life in a new country.

High school program helps ease new students into life in U.S.

Reporting Lab Report | Feb 1, 2017

Langham Creek High School's New Arrivals Center helps new students from other countries transition to school in the United States.

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