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Movement aims to make Hawaii more self-sustaining through aquaponic farming

Reporting Lab Report | Sep 14, 2018

Hawaii, for all its tropical splendor, is a relative food desert when it comes to native-grown produce.

Maui High School, Kahului, HI

College prep center in Kentucky introduces girls to programming, and some lucrative possibilities

Reporting Lab Report | Sep 14, 2018

Many computer programming clubs and classes are overwhelmingly male.

Alaskan non-profit advocates for youth mental health through hydroponic farming

Reporting Lab Report | Sep 14, 2018

Seeds of Change is a program providing mental health benefits for youth through growing fresh vegetables for the community.

Bridging the gap through engineering

Reporting Lab Report | Sep 14, 2018

Many people cross over bridges every day without giving a second thought to their integrity.

Clemson University’s “Deep Orange” program is designing the cars of the future

Reporting Lab Report | Sep 14, 2018

Clemson University's International Center for Automotive Research (ICAR) is where the next generation of automotive engineers are taught.

A Testament of the Human Spirit: Defying ALS

Reporting Lab Report | Sep 14, 2018

When musician Lee Billow was diagnosed with ALS, he didn’t allow it to hold him back from making art.

Free Spirit Media, Chicago, IL

Houston elementary school counselor helps students with Hurricane Harvey relief

Reporting Lab Report | Aug 21, 2018

One year later, communities in Houston, Texas continue to recover from the devastation left behind by Hurricane Harvey.

The Newark Youth Court gives young people alternatives to youth incarceration

Reporting Lab Report | Aug 9, 2018

The Newark Youth Court in New Jersey gives young people an alternative to youth incarceration. For young people accused of minor offenses, they have the option of being judged by a jury of their peers -- where teenagers are the judge, jury, plaintiff, and defendants.

Best Buddies builds a better world for kids with developmental disabilities

Reporting Lab Report | Aug 2, 2018

The Best Buddies chapter at Windsor High School creates leadership and social opportunities for all students, including those with developmental disabilities.

Windsor High School, Windsor, CA

These California teens are ready to enact change after the Parkland shooting

Reporting Lab Report | Aug 2, 2018

Students at West Ranch High School in Stevenson Ranch, California feel that the time is ripe for students to push for change in the wake of the Parkland shooting.

West Ranch High School, Stevenson Ranch, CA
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