Escondido, California

Escondido High School

"I think more positive candidates that actually want to make change, and that will actually make change happen in a positive direction, will encourage me to vote."

Produced by Nicholas Legaspi, Eric Ramirez, Brandon Sandoval, Juan Cervantes, Tyler Baez, Amber Libby, Xavier Abadeen, Darion Demyers, Jose Duran, Gregorio Reyes, Luis Nieto, Esteban De La Cruz, Andrew Montejano, Karina Vorachack, Colin Kile, Cameron Long, Jonathan Narvaiz, Ernesto Galeana, Alex Giron, Alexander Lopez, Angel Agosto, and Mauricio Reyes at Escondido High School in California. Instruction provided by SRL Connected Educator Rudy De La Torre. Station support provided by KPBS.

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