Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Pine Crest School

"I feel like our generation is going to be the first generation that actually disconnects to their family's values."

Produced by Arielle Ghiloni, Nina Hamuy, Ari Burns, Raj Kumar, Cara Westra, Chase O’Brien, Nellie Johnson, Sydney Tacher, Zach Goldstein, Jett Zimmerman, Ryann Breault, Micaela Gutt, Sumeet Gulati, Valentina Pope, Ryan Dudak, Alexis Bernstein, Gabrielle Khoriaty, Ross Bauman, Mason Berger, Madison Mazer, Julian Bazo, and Jade Klacko at Pine Crest School in Florida. Instruction provided by SRL Connected Educators Ashley Porter and Jaimee Rashbaum. Station support by South Florida PBS.

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