About the Series

PBS NewsHour Student Reporting Labs and Student Television Network investigate how schools across the country are rethinking what it means to feel safe and be safe at school.


For many schools across the country, the school resource officer is the first line of defense against a potential school shooting. But at Manor High School in Texas, students are protected by a local sheriff deputy and a contracted security firm.

Editor: Kimberly Hernandez
Production Assistants: Henry Arzate, Michael Braxton, D’Juan Crittenden, Fernando Hernandez, Karen Reyes and Autumn Syfret
Producers/Camera Operators: Miguel Cano, Karla Cornelio, Emma Dominguez, Luisa Garcia, Joi McBrayer, Carolina Ricario and Marielos Sarmiento
Reporter: Luisa Garcia
Special thanks to: Lynn Boswell, Peter Jiang, Gary Millikan and Christopher Sanchez

SRL Adviser: Rakeda L. Ervin

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