About the Series

PBS NewsHour Student Reporting Labs and Student Television Network investigate how schools across the country are rethinking what it means to feel safe and be safe at school.


In 2013, Park Hill South High School was forced to issue a three-hour lockdown due to a threat. What followed the lockdown could be described as a collaborative investigation. Local news outlets worked along with the school district to get to the bottom of the vague threats.

In an effort to better understand the events of those days, student reporters interviewed students, teachers, local journalists and law enforcement to gather the information necessary to learn how social media impacted that day.

Photojournalists: Brittany Coffey and Jordan Evans
Producers: Brittany Coffey and Jordan Elder
Reporters: Jordan Elder, Connor Hills, Shaefer Schuetz and Kara Strickland

SRL Adviser: Justin Ford