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Teacher Reporting Labs (TRL) is a teacher-led podcast where educators report back on a mix of topics, triumphs and challenges they face in the classroom through exploratory and candid conversations.


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Teaching beyond the curriculum

April 12, 2024

Teaching is an art that extends far beyond the boundaries of a lesson plan. Join us as we explore the often-overlooked aspects of education that engage young minds beyond the prescribed syllabus.

Specifically covered in this episode:

  • (4:53) Unforeseen skills teachers find themselves teaching
  • (6:45) Insights teachers wished they’d had known before stepping into the classroom 
  • (8:31) The significance of cross-collaboration across disciplines 
  • (9:38) The power of vulnerability in teacher-student connections 
  • (11:47) The science behind creating effective learning environments
  • (14:18) Leaving room for experiences that might not neatly align with approved curriculum standards, but are essential for holistic education

Referenced in this episode:

Featured educators: Krista McKim, Journalism and English Teacher at Rockville High School from Rockville, MD, and Dr. Sequoyah Wharton, Digital film, Broadcast Journalism, and Visual Arts teacher at Brentwood High School in Brentwood, NY.

Hosted by Mike Conrad of Royal Oak High School and Michael Kaufman of the Frederick V Pankow Center in Michigan.

SRL Community Engagement Manager Emily Hope Dobkin produced this episode with support from Lead Podcast Producer Briget Ganske. Evan Gulock edited and mixed this episode.