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Houston elementary school counselor helps students with Hurricane Harvey relief

Reporting Lab Report | Aug 21, 2018

One year later, communities in Houston, Texas continue to recover from the devastation left behind by Hurricane Harvey.

The Newark Youth Court gives young people alternatives to youth incarceration

Reporting Lab Report | Aug 9, 2018

The Newark Youth Court in New Jersey gives young people an alternative to youth incarceration. For young people accused of minor offenses, they have the option of being judged by a jury of their peers -- where teenagers are the judge, jury, plaintiff, and defendants.

Salt Lake City teens explore the challenges of mental health and the benefits of self-love

Reporting Lab Report | Jun 7, 2018

New approaches to mental health care and treatment involve practices such as mindfulness and self-love.

Miami teen creates Victory 4 Kids Foundation to bring joy to chronically ill children

Reporting Lab Report | Jun 6, 2018

Christopher Columbus High School student Victoria Milian created Victory 4 Kids after her grandfather passed from a long battle with cancer. The organization brings joy to sick children and rallies volunteer support to better the community as a whole.

Coastal town prepares youth for changing job prospects caused by rising sea levels

Reporting Lab Report | Apr 17, 2018

Community organizations in Norfolk, Virginia are training youth about the environmental forces that are changing their home's physical and economic landscape.

Granby High School, Norfolk, VA
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