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Ask the Alumnus I Kennedy Huff

Article | Sep 28, 2017

Kennedy Huff's reports for SRL are original, insightful and exemplify the standards of journalism that all professionals aspire to.

SRL Connected Educator of the Month: September 2017

Article | Sep 28, 2017

Trina Moore has been an invaluable member of the SRL community. Over the years, she has empowered both students and teachers in SRL to create and embrace a community where everyone has the opportunity to learn and grow as reporters and individuals.

SRL Connected Educator of the Month: August 2017

Article | Aug 31, 2017

John Parham teaches Digital Media, Film and TV and Web Development and Computer Applications and Design at Amphitheater High School.

SRL Station Success: August 2017

Article | Aug 31, 2017

As a PBS Teacher Ambassador, Mekca Wallace-Spurgin of Iowa Public Television is working with local schools to find opportunities for collaboration. We asked her how IPTV's involvement with SRL is helping the station fulfill it's educational mission.

The Mysterious Purple Blob

Reporting Lab Report | Aug 9, 2017

Students talk to scientists about a mysterious creature that was found at the bottom of the Channel Islands Marine Sanctuary in California.

Etiwanda High School, Rancho Cucamonga, CA
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