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Teacher Reporting Labs (TRL) is a teacher-led podcast where educators report back on a mix of topics, triumphs and challenges they face in the classroom through exploratory and candid conversations.


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How to create a more inclusive classroom environment

April 19, 2024

Explore how educators ensure every student feels welcomed, seen, safe, and valued. Tune in to discover strategies and actions that promote a sense of belonging for all students. 

Specifically covered in this episode: 

  • 1:30 (revisited again at the 8-minute mark) Embracing a holistic teaching approach: acknowledging educators’ multifaceted roles in addressing the diverse needs of the classroom 
  • 3:40 Understanding inclusive classroom environments: exploring the meaning and  crucial role it plays in cultivating a sense of belonging 
  • 7:38 Adaptability in cultural shifts: educators being flexible and responsive to evolving cultural norms 
  • 6:24 (revisited again at 8:26 and 11:27) Impact of relationship building: the importance of creating safe, welcoming spaces and strategies to achieve this goal 
  • 12:24 The concept of safe spaces: nurturing environments that encourage truth, trust, and connectedness 

Referenced in this episode:

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Featured educators: Cynthia Booker, Digital Video Production teacher in the Career & Technical Education Department at Cleveland Heights High School and Trina Moore, Audio/Video teacher at Rouse High School in Leander, Texas

Hosted by Mike Conrad of Royal Oak High School and Michael Kaufman of the Frederick V Pankow Center in Michigan. SRL Community Engagement Manager Emily Hope Dobkin produced this episode with support from Lead Podcast Producer Briget Ganske. Evan Gulock edited and mixed this episode.