Signature Series



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  • Students learn how to make their own podcast episode, resulting in an audio story about a young person and their experience with mental health.
  • Students explore justice in their own community, and use solutions journalism to produce a story about how people are working to create “justice for all.”
  • Students explore ways the pandemic has changed education by producing a 2-5 minute news story with interviews, b-roll, and/or voiceover narration.
  • Student journalists will find out how young people feel about our democracy: its fairness, its faults, and how they’d like to see it operate if they were in charge.
  • Students capture teen voices on race and injustice in the U.S. and will film and interview students from their school and community to find out how young people are challenging racism and creating change.
  • SRL reports on the effects of COVID-19 on their communities



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  • Youth journalists in STEM Student Reporting Labs explore how citizen scientists are advancing knowledge while Health SRLs investigate where students turn in a mental health crisis and show how peer to peer counseling programs build healthier school communities.
  • How are Americans experiencing art across the country? Find out in SRL’s latest series, Art in Real Life #artIRL.
  • For our series, "Opportunity in America," teen journalists produced stories that explore dreams, expectations and the barriers teenagers must overcome to achieve their goals.
  • Teen reporters from the PBS NewsHour Student Reporting Labs across the country captured how teens feel about voting and the upcoming midterm elections.


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  • Youth journalists investigate how health care innovators across the country are shaping our future and redefining what it means to be “healthy.”
  • Youth journalists explore how engineering is reshaping our lives.
  • Youth social movements across America
  • Teens reveal impact and perceptions of misinformation
  • Today’s Youth, Tomorrow’s Jobs





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  • Concussion awareness in youth sports programs