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Anthony Rivera, Pennsylvania

Reporting Lab Report | Oct 18, 2016

Philadelphia resident Anthony Rivera addresses both presidential candidates through a spoken word poem, asking them to address the poverty he sees in his community.

The U School, Philadelphia, PA

Alexis Davis, North Dakota

Reporting Lab Report | Oct 18, 2016

Alexis Davis, a member of the Turtle Mountain Chippewa tribe in North Dakota, calls upon the next president to help preserve her tribe's culture and land by protecting them from energy development.


Josh Brockett, Michigan

Reporting Lab Report | Oct 18, 2016

Josh Brockett wants to be free to achieve his goals without the financial burden of student debt.


Hope Johnson, Washington, D.C.

Reporting Lab Report | Oct 19, 2016

Hope Johnson hopes the next president will recognize the growing cost of college and look for ways to make higher education accessible to everyone.


Xavier Coonrod, Texas

Reporting Lab Report | Oct 18, 2016

Xavier Coonrod asks the next president to remember that Americans who are too young to vote still depend on them to make decisions representing their interests as well.

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