About the Student Reporting Labs

The PBS NewsHour Student Reporting Labs initiative is building the next generation of public media.

By connecting middle and high school students to PBS stations, mentors and role models in their communities, the program creates transformative educational experiences.

Students engage in a powerful form of journalistic inquiry, media production and student-centered learning that builds critical thinking, problem-solving, teamwork, information and communication skills.

By giving them a voice and the opportunity to reach millions of people via the PBS NewsHour broadcast and digital platforms, the program inspires youth to speak up and be part of the solution.

On the SRL Website, you’ll find:

  • News literacy/digital media curriculum focused on storytelling and citizenship
  • Mentoring model that matches youth with media professionals
  • Job-ready digital credentials for college applications, resumes and social media

Student Reporting Labs builds lifelong learning skills that translate to other areas of life, both academic and personal, and has been shown to boost intellectual curiosity and shift teen attitudes away from apathy about the news towards active civic engagement.

Think. Create. Inform. from Student Reporting Labs on Vimeo.

The project also includes a news literacy/digital media curriculum designed to transform their understanding of news, build a foundation of civic engagement and spark a life-long interest in current events.

The Reporting Labs were made possible by grants from the Corporation for Public Broadcasting and the National Science Foundation.

If you are interested in supporting the Labs, please contact Leah Clapman.

Student Reporting Labs Staff:

Leah Clapman – Managing Editor

Elis Estrada – Director

Jordan Vesey – Producer

Victor Fernandez – Video Editor

Adelyn Baxter – Digital Producer

Bill Swift – STEM Coordinating Producer

Kristy Choi – Production Assistant 

Honorary SRL:

Thaisi Da Silva

Matt Ehrichs

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