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Founder’s Note: Our New Normal

February 2022 - Founder's Note

“Looks important, but so sad,” that’s what a friend texted back when I shared the RSVP link for Student Reporting Labs (SRL)’s Our New Normal special. Yes, and much more! I responded. There’s a skateboarding class in Colorado, kids reversing a book ban in Pennsylvania, and student journalists covering school board meetings in Texas!

We’re trying something new…

January 2022 - Alumni

We’re excited to launch this all-new newsletter once a quarter to build community among our vibrant group of SRL alumni.

Happy New Year: 2022 Loading…

January 2022 - Other

On behalf of the entire SRL team and our network of students, educators, and partners, thank you. You made possible a year full of ambitious projects like our Inauguration Special back in January, our first podcast this summer, and — of course — the exciting launch of our StoryMaker platform this fall.

SRL is thankful for you

December 2021 - Monthly Newsletter

In the wake of this week’s tragedy in Michigan, we at SRL are thinking of you, our communities who’ve been impacted by gun violence, with love and support. We can’t say enough about how grateful we are for educators who guide and inspire, and students who persevere and use media to shed light and compassion in these moments.

Founder’s Note: A Quantum Leap

November 2021 - Founder's Note

I don’t have a formal bucket list, but there’s definitely a running list of things I want to do in life and work, and StoryMaker has been at the top for a while now.

Our new digital platform for teachers and students is a major evolutionary step that we’ve been moving towards for years, really since Student Reporting Labs was born over a decade ago.

Boo! Happy Halloween from SRL! ??

October 2021 - Monthly Newsletter

SRL’s latest news and resources for educators and students on digital journalism, media making, and media literacy.

StoryMaker, SRL Awards, 9/11 Coverage + Back to School

September 2021 - Monthly Newsletter

It’s us! The SRL Team safely convened for our first in-person retreat this month since the pandemic disrupted workplaces everywhere. Our goal? Simply, to reconnect. We got a lot of work done, but we also had a lot of fun, and were reminded of the magic and power of human connection. On our minds the whole time was our incredible community of educators and students who inspire and motivate us to think bigger, better and bolder.

Jump Start the School Year with SRL

August 2021 - Monthly Newsletter

As we all return to the classroom in different ways, SRL applauds the courage and bravery of educators and students alike. These are complex times. The entire SRL team extends our support, as you bolster student learning amid ever-changing circumstances.

Count on us to help you through it. You’ve got this.

June Newsletter from SRL

June 2021 - Monthly Newsletter

SRL’s latest news and resources for educators and students on digital journalism, media making, and media literacy.

Founder’s Note: On Our Minds after being ‘Disrupted’

May 2021 - Founder's Note

Summer is here, cicadas are showing up on DC’s weather radar, and most of us are straggling across the finish line exhausted and burnt out. So I wanted to share where I’m getting my energy and hope these days: student storytelling and SRL special projects.