As we inch closer to approaching the upcoming spring deadline for our 2023-2024 prompts on March 15th, we want to take this moment to provide with you some reminders, resources and tips to help you and your students cross that finish line: 

    1. THE PROMPTS: find all prompts we’re currently seeking submissions for here.
    2. ADDITIONAL RESOURCES: we’ve compiled additional support materials to further guide the development of student stories
    3. SRL RUBRIC: our team evaluates submissions based on these criteria. Please be sure your students’ stories align and incorporate these requirements if your goal is publication.
    4. REACH OUT: feedback is a valuable tool for growth, and we want to support learning and growth! If you have questions about how your story is developing, schedule a time to talk with one of our SRL producers by emailing: Please note which prompt(s) your students are working on. 

SELF PUBLISH: We’ve been encouraging students to publish stories and tag us via your school’s social media accounts. Find more on how to publish your reporting here.

PITCH A STORY: have another idea for a story? Students can pitch their stories here! We accept pitches year-round. 

EXPLORE MORE: for even more resources and recommended ways to make the most of your experience in StoryMaker, visit our StoryMaker Toolbox. 

We look forward to the incredible stories that will emerge as we approach March 15th! Let us know what you’re working on here.

If you have any questions or need further assistance, feel free to reach out in a reply to this email or book office hours with Emily Hope Dobkin soon