Meet the 2024 SRL Summer Academy Fellows

Arlington, VA — 24 teen reporters from across the country will join PBS NewsHour Student Reporting Labs (SRL) for its annual summer academy  June 19-27, hosted this year at our home station WETA, just outside of Washington D.C.

The SRL summer academy is an intensive week-long video journalism fellowship for high school students.  Working in teams with SRL youth media producers, fellows will produce original video news reports covering key local issues in the DMV, learning from professional producers and journalists along the way. The week will wrap with a screening of student work hosted at WETA/NewsHour headquarters.

Along with hands-on training, fellows get to know and learn from other students from a wide range of backgrounds with shared interests in reporting and production. The community formed during the academy is a strong foundation for lasting friendships and a space for students to have conversations about everything from camera tips and issues in their communities to the future of journalism. 

Meet the 2024 SRL Summer Academy Fellows below!

NAME: Ana Inskeep

GRADE:  9th grade

SCHOOL: DC International School 

LOCATION: Washington, D.C. 


Ana Inskeep is a rising sophomore at DC International School in Washington, D.C., where she studies in both English and Chinese. Of the many classes she takes, Ana particularly loves visual classes, such as video production and graphic design. Her enthusiasm for storytelling extends beyond the classroom as she actively contributes to her school’s newspaper club. She is passionate about sharing the stories of others and enjoys expressing herself visually.

NAME: Bella Major

GRADE: 11th grade

SCHOOL: Richard Montgomery High School 

LOCATION: Gaithersburg, Maryland


Bella Major is a junior at Richard Montgomery High School in Rockville, Maryland. Bella believes that storytelling allows people to share their truths, introduce new perspectives, and create meaningful conversations. As a student journalist, she hopes to continue to tell stories for an honest and constantly evolving society. She is most excited to meet other students who are passionate about journalism. 

NAME: Claire Baek

GRADE: 10th grade

SCHOOL: Chantilly High School 

LOCATION: Chantilly, Virginia


Claire Baek is a sophomore at Chantilly High School in Chantilly, Virginia where she is the Arts & Entertainment editor of her school’s newspaper, The Purple Tide. Driven by her passion for writing, she began storytelling to share her opinions of the world and her community. She is excited to meet other students and mark the first step of her journey into the broadcast journalism world.

NAME: Cody Finnegan

GRADE: 11th grade

SCHOOL: Arlington Career Center

LOCATION: Arlington, Virginia


Cody Finnegan is a junior at Arlington Career Center in Arlington, Virginia, and is a passionate youth advocate and journalist. After working with Arlington Independent Media, they realized how much power their voice held and how exciting it was to discover and tell meaningful stories, especially those underrepresented by traditional media. They are excited to explore and enhance their storytelling abilities this summer. 

NAME: David Moon

GRADE: 11th grade

SCHOOL: Rouse High School 

LOCATION: Leander, Texas


David Moon is a rising senior at Rouse High School in Leander, Texas. Passionate about film and journalism, he believes that every person’s story should be shared with the world and wants to create a better functioning and informed society through storytelling. Outside of the classroom, he loves to play football. 

NAME: Dermott Foley

GRADE: 9th grade

SCHOOL: Montgomery Blair High School 

LOCATION: Bethesda, Maryland


Dermott Foley is a rising sophomore at Montgomery Blair High School in Silver Spring, Maryland, where he is a multi-sport student-athlete and storyteller.  His interest in storytelling began during the pandemic when he realized that there were still many things he was curious about even after watching countless news reports and press conferences. With a love for his community, he enjoys reporting on local news and is interested in how history plays into current issues. He is eager to meet other student journalists and share ideas to get student voices heard. 

NAME: Emily Yip

GRADE: 10th grade

SCHOOL: Holbrook Middle High School 

LOCATION: Holbrook, Massachusetts


Emily Yip is a sophomore at Holbrook Middle High School in Holbrook Massachusetts. Since taking a video production class and being invited to join her school’s news team at the Student Television Network (STN) Convention, she has become a committed storyteller. Her versatility, listening skills, and ability to bring out the impact in a story helps her work with others to create something incredible. Outside of journalism, she enjoys creating art, world cultures, and being a part of her school’s first robotics team. 

NAME: Gabriel Cohen

GRADE: 9th grade

SCHOOL: Yorktown High School 

LOCATION: Arlington, Virginia


Gabriel Cohen is a freshman at Yorktown High School in Arlington, Virginia. After seeing an episode of the Patriot Act that emphasized the importance of local journalism, he decided to get involved with storytelling to showcase his writing and music-making skills in a constructive, helpful way. He is excited to develop his inner journalist this summer. 

NAME: Imania Mohamed 

GRADE: 12th grade

SCHOOL: John F. Kennedy Memorial High School 

LOCATION: Metuchen, New Jersey 


Imania Tahira Mohamed is a senior at John F. Kennedy Memorial High School in Iselin, New Jersey. Having been an avid reader growing up, she attributes her love for writing, filmmaking, and journalism to books. She believes that being able to portray real-life events with words and stories is a gift and can ultimately change the world. 

NAME: Jenny Marquez

GRADE: 10th grade

SCHOOL: Daniel Pearl Magnet High School 

LOCATION: Sherman Oaks, California


Jenny Allison Marquez is a sophomore at Daniel Pearl Magnet High School in Los Angeles, California. While she was always interested in storytelling from a young age, it wasn’t until high school that she was able to get hands-on experience as a journalist. Currently, she serves as the social media editor for her school’s publication, The Pearl Post, and a co-host for her school’s podcast, “Room 22.” Jenny’s passion for storytelling stems from her belief that stories have the power to educate, inspire, and entertain.

NAME: Joel Angel Aguilar Bonilla

GRADE: 11th grade

SCHOOL: Wakefield High School

LOCATION: Arlington, Virginia


Joel Angel Aguilar Bonilla is a junior at Wakefield High School in Arlington, Virginia, where he loves producing compelling stories about his community and sharing them with local residents. He finds great gratification in telling stories to better understand the world around him. In his free time, he also enjoys collecting old technology, such as old games, cassettes, and records. This summer, he is most excited to hear the different perspectives of other students from all over the country. 

NAME: Kayla Ling

GRADE: 10th grade

SCHOOL: The Nueva School

LOCATION: Hillsborough, California


Kayla Ling is a sophomore at The Nueva School in San Mateo, California, who is using storytelling and filmmaking to advocate for social and environmental justice. Alongside being the co-lead for her school’s Social Impact Filmmaking Club, she is also a staff reporter for her school’s newspaper, The Nueva Current. She is motivated to amplify the voices of others and continue producing stories on environmental justice, discrimination, and cultural awareness. 

NAME: Miriam Reichenberg

GRADE: 11th grade

SCHOOL: Berkeley High School 

LOCATION: Oakland, California


Miriam Reichenberg is a rising senior at Berkeley High School in Berkeley, California. A skilled audio journalist, Miriam is the executive producer of her school’s podcast, The Buzz, and is the host of tbh, a podcast by and for teens, through her local NPR affiliate, KALW. She also contributed to the latest season of SRL’s On Our Minds podcast. Miriam sees stories everywhere and in everyone, and loves that they can help us understand one another. 

NAME: Navya Vasireddy

GRADE: 11th grade

SCHOOL: Academy for Math, Science, and Engineering

LOCATION: Parsippany, New Jersey 


Navya Vasireddy is a junior at the Academy for Math, Science, and Engineering in Rockaway, New Jersey. Honing her journalism skills since freshman year, she is the Assistant Editor of her school’s newspaper and a writer for the New Jersey Hills Media Group. Through her work, Navya strives to elevate underrepresented voices and bring attention to issues that she cares about. 

NAME: Nuha Hussein

GRADE: 11th grade

SCHOOL: East Kentwood High School 

LOCATION: Greater Grand Rapids, Michigan 


Nuha Hussein is a junior at East Kentwood High School in Greater Grand Rapids, Michigan. As an active member of East Kentwood High’s Productions Club and Falcon News Network, she is passionate about amplifying unheard voices and studying both sides of news media to find the real truth. She believes that every human and place has a story to teach, learn, and find inspiration from.

NAME: Roury Fitzpatrick

GRADE: 12th grade

SCHOOL: Westview High School 

LOCATION: San Diego, California


Roury Fitzpatrick is a senior at Westview High School in San Diego, California. She discovered her passion for journalism during her sophomore year after taking her school’s broadcast journalism class. Roury is determined to shed light on under-reported stories and change how people view the media. She is most excited to meet other academy fellows and learn from industry professionals. 

NAME: Sabrina Tomei Gonzalez

GRADE: 11th grade

SCHOOL: Fairfield Ludlowe High School 

LOCATION: Fairfield, Connecticut

LOCAL STATION: Connecticut Public Television

 Sabrina Tomei Gonzalez is a junior at Fairfield Ludlowe High School in Fairfield, Connecticut. She decided to get involved with storytelling because she loves seeing how other people live their lives and learning about different cultures. Outside of the classroom, Sabrina writes articles for her school newspaper, as well as canvassing for local politicians, attends Model UN Conferences, and practices with her mock trial team. 

NAME: Sanaa Stokes

GRADE: 11th grade

SCHOOL: Professional Performing Art School 

LOCATION: Brooklyn, New York


Sanaa Stokes, a junior at Professional Performing Art School in Manhattan, New York, is passionate about storytelling to inspire and advocate for underrepresented voices. As a former intern at Chalkbeat and The Bell,  she was able to hone her skills in amplifying community narratives. Determined to continue this mission, she uses storytelling to empower others to share their stories.

NAME: Seven Jamison

GRADE: 10th grade

SCHOOL: North Garland High School 

LOCATION: Rowlett, Texas


Steven Jamison is a rising junior at North Garland High School who found his passion for storytelling through his childhood love of writing about fictional characters. Now intrigued by politics, he actively participates in essay contests and writing competitions. He is most excited to meet other like-minded students this summer. 

NAME: Stella St. Clair

GRADE: 10th grade

SCHOOL: Midtown High School 

LOCATION: Atlanta, Georgia


Stella St. Clair is a sophomore at Midtown High School in Atlanta, Georgia, and a passionate storyteller who is fueled by her love for sharing personal experiences and helping others do the same. She shared her first story during her freshman year, which won third place for first-person stories at the Columbia Scholastic Press Association Gold Crown Awards. Storytelling is something that she has come to love and holds close to her heart, and hopes to continue telling it for the rest of her life. 

NAME: Trinity Smith

GRADE: 10th grade

SCHOOL: Fairfield High School 

LOCATION: New Fairfield, Connecticut

LOCAL STATION: Connecticut Public Television

Trinity Smith is a sophomore at Fairfield High School in New Fairfield, Connecticut. She believes that storytelling is more than just bedtime tales- it’s a way to understand others’ perspectives and tackle important issues. This summer, she is eager to meet other students who share her interest in editing and have the opportunity to view their work. 

NAME: Victoria Torcasio

GRADE: 9th grade

SCHOOL: Atlantic County Institute of Technology

LOCATION: Egg Harbor Township, New Jersey 


Victoria Torcasio is a rising sophomore at Atlantic County Institute of Technology in Mays Landing, New Jersey. Passionate about creative expression, her favorite class at school is media. She believes that storytelling is a powerful medium to share narratives and shape perspectives. She is excited to meet other students who share the same passion for storytelling as her. 

Meet this year’s behind-the-scenes correspondents below:

NAME: Maggie LeBeau

GRADE: Incoming college freshman

SCHOOL: University of Missouri

LOCATION: Lombard, Illinois


Maggie LeBeau is an incoming freshman at the University of Missouri this fall majoring in journalism and political science. A Winter 2023 Academy Fellow, Maggie has made significant contributions to SRL by producing stories on mental health initiatives, and the total eclipse, and appearing as a special correspondent on the On Our Minds Election Edition Podcast. She is also a Teen Fact Checker for MediaWise and the Poynter Institute.

NAME: Jordan Fabirkiewicz

GRADE: Incoming college freshman

SCHOOL: Buena Vista University 

LOCATION: Roseville, Michigan 


Jordan Fabirkiewicz is an incoming freshman at Buena Vista University this fall studying digital media. She began storytelling because she believes that everyone has a story to share and wants to help amplify community voices. When she is not making vlogs or working on her film skills, she can be found hanging out with her friends or playing softball.