Millennials ‘confused, appalled’ by racist SAE video

The 9-second internet video featuring members of the Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity at the University of Oklahoma singing a racist chant has sparked anger and confusion for many millennials across the country. Students held protests on campuses and took to social media to share their disappointment, outrage and concern.

According to a survey from the Pew Research Center in 2010 and another from MTV and David Binder Research in 2014, millennials are supposed to be more tolerant, and more racially progressive than older generations. So how did this happen? 
SRL reporters interviewed their peers about their initial reactions to the video and asked what social responsibilities, if any, young people have after such an incident.

Interviews provided by:
Ryan Pavey and Mielle Pena of Austin High School in Austin, Texas
Ayeisha Priester and Wilfredo Rivera of CPBN Media Lab in Hartford, Connecticut
James Hoang, Damari Lawrence and Ja’Lenn Polar of Media Enterprise Alliance in Oakland, California
Grace Burns, Erika Cervantes, Ronald Elliott, Mercedes Ezeji, Jessica Hernandez and Ashley White of Pflugerville High School in Pflugerville, Texas
SRL Alumni Andrew Sokolowski of Blueband Films in Fraser, Michigan
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Youth are ‘confused, appalled’ by racist fraternity video