SRL Partner Station of the Month: December 2015

CET is our station of the month!

CET’s Manager of Learning Services Jason Dennison has been a tremendous help mentoring our students at Hughes STEM High School. Check out what Jason had to say about the recognition.

What is your reaction to finding out CET was selected as SRL partner station of the month? CET is honored to be recognized as SRL Partner Station of the Month. As the first licensed public television station in the country, education has been at the heart of our work for more than 60 years. Our work with Hughes STEM High School is the latest in a long line of programs and partnerships designed to support students and teachers both in the classroom and beyond. This honor truly belongs to the students and staff at Hughes, without whom our efforts would fall flat.

In your opinion, why is it important for public media stations to work with young public media professional like those who participate in SRL? The SRL program has empowered participating students not only to become more informed consumers of journalism but to become better advocates and storytellers themselves. Today’s teenagers have a great deal to say, but often lack a voice with which to say it. SRL students are given the tools they need to tell their story and those of others in their lives in a way which can resonate far beyond their isolated communities or neighborhoods.