How can you get involved? 

STEP 1: Join us + sign up for StoryMaker for access to lesson plans, tutorials, and assignments. StoryMaker is a free learning platform from Student Reporting Labs for educators to participate in our youth journalism and storytelling program.

STEP 2: Get access to a YMP, the SRL team’s expert Youth Media Producers. Your region determines your YMP— meet them here! They are here to help with technical and editorial video production, story development, and other journalism-related questions. So reach out via email/Calendly to schedule a time to chat.

STEP 3: Connect with us! Join our Facebook group to engage with more educators like you — this is a place to share your questions and wins! Want to learn more? Emily Hope Dobkin, our  StoryMaker Community Manager is your go-to for program questions about how to get involved and connect. Book a time to chat with her here.

We look forward to working with you to equip more student journalists with the tools to produce important local stories!

NOTE: If you’ve been around Student Reporting Labs for awhile… all this might feel new! Historically, SRL’s structure was to work with a smaller number of schools as Student Reporting “Labs.” We are currently reworking the mechanics of this program and will share more about how this is evolving soon! If you have questions or suggestions, you can always reach out to our team at