Arizona pilot inspires women in STEM to reach for the stars

Xavier College Prep | Phoenix, AZ

Kiah Erlich, Honeywell’s Engines and Power Systems Senior Director, has always been comfortable in the cockpit of a plane. After being told by a professor that a woman’s place on a plane was serving drinks, she tenaciously pursued a career in STEM and aviation to prove her doubters wrong. She now directs Honeywell Aerospace’s efforts to optimize their mechanical framework for ease of maintenance and a better customer experience. Student reporters from Xavier College Preparatory had the opportunity to interview Erlich on the flight-line.

Produced by Holly Ngo, Maddie Dinowitz, Sydney Missigman, and Erika Kotlarz at Xavier College Prep in Pheonix, Arizona. Instruction provided by SRL Connected Educators Fraces MacMahon Ward and Cory Cosic. Station support provided by Arizona State University.

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