BUILD PODER mentors provide inspiration and representation

Daniel Pearl Magnet High School | Los Angeles, CA

When imagining what a career in STEM might look like for them, students must have examples to draw from of people who look like them. Gabriela Chavira, the program director of BUILD PODER, strives to give students that representation to inspire them. Once paired with a faculty member, students get a chance to do research in the field they are interested in, while closely watching a mentor in action. A group of students from Daniel Pearl Magnet High School were able to document this experience.

Produced by Anthony Freyre, Maia Hito, and Ani Kocharyan at Van Nuys, CA. Instruction provided by SRL Connected Educator Adriana Chavira. Station support provided by Cameron Quon from PBS Southern California.

Visit the full STEM Problem Solvers series on YouTube for closed captioning.