Diversity and youth are making all the difference in medical research

High School of Health Sciences | Wales, WI

Dr. Brian Hoffmann is a pioneer in medical research at the Medical College of Wisconsin, Milwaukee. He started a program called the “Supremes,” where high school students can work alongside primary investigators, graduate students, and staff members of a true research facility. Having more diversity in his investigating team has paid off with innovative ideas and strategies that may have been overlooked by traditional researchers.

This video is a SRL STEM curriculum exercise that builds production skills by interviewing a researcher about making an idea a reality.

Story produced by Mitch Kraemer, Maximilian Hofbauer, Grace Garity, Molly Pelchat, Sidney Scherwinski, Wiesley Graeve, Kayla Wells, Johana Felton, and Haley Gross at High School of Health in Wales, WI. Instruction provided by STEM SRL Connected Educator Margaret Mulqueen.


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