Exploring immigrant experiences

Explore the experiences of immigrants or first-generation Americans. What does it mean to fit in and feel American? If you’re not an immigrant or first-generation American, find someone who is willing to share about their experiences. First-generation Americans were born in the U.S. but have parents who… Read More

Climate change in my community

Student Reporting Labs is always interested in youth perspectives and local stories about climate change and the environment. We have a rolling deadline to accept climate stories. Please use our pitch form to submit your story idea. Review these tips about how to pitch. Read More

Elections 2024: Young leaders

Tuesday, November 4, 2024 will be a big day– with millions of U.S. voters headed to the polls to choose leaders at the local, state, and national levels– including casting votes for president. Although many politicians are from older generations, young people are getting involved and making their… Read More

America’s hidden histories

The story of America is always evolving. How we talk about the country’s past plays a big role in shaping its present and future. As student journalists, you have a unique opportunity to uncover and share stories of American history that are often overlooked in traditional narratives. These stories could… Read More