Kennedy Huff

Left, SRL alum Kennedy Huff on assignment with Student Reporting Labs. Right, Huff on assignment for her campus’ news station.

Kennedy Huff’s reports for SRL are original, insightful and exemplify the standards of journalism that all professionals aspire to. Not only is she an SRL Academy Fellow, but her pieces have aired on the NewsHour and she even helped her local PBS station, KLRU, anchor their American Graduate Day when she was a senior at Pflugerville High School in Texas. Since graduating, Huff has taken the skills she honed during her high school years and time with SRL to college where she has become a leader for her campus’ news station.

What have you been up to since SRL?

I now attend the University of North Texas at Denton. Since I’ve been here, I’ve reported for our campus’ news station. I’ve been a segment anchor, live shot reporter, desk anchor, and have even done some camera work. Hopefully, next semester I can get a scholarship. I recently became a member of my campus’ National Association of black journalists.

What experiences or lessons do you value most from your time with SRL?

I value the time that we had to discuss our stories with the NewsHour professionals. During the editing process they point out things in our stories that could help make it more professional, and that’s helped me a lot. Whenever I produce a story I make sure to look at it with a super critical eye. SRL has made me a better storyteller.

What advice do you have for current SRL participants?

Whether you just got involved with SRL, or have been involved your entire high school career make the most of the experience. SRL gives young people the ability to be hands on in the world of journalism. Thanks to SRL being in my high school, I feel confident in all of my journalism courses. We are just now learning how to edit videos, and put together a story. This is something that I am excelling at because I have had years and years of practice. I also advise all for SRL participants to keep in contact with your SRL peers and mentors. These are relationships that you don’t want to lose, and can be very important while in high school, or even after.

How has being a journalist helped you grow as a young adult?

Being a journalist has thickened my skin, and made me a more confident woman. Journalism is a cut-throat field, and you have to work hard for what you want. Journalism has helped me mature intellectually as well as become a more well rounded individual.