Who is working on the frontlines of the pandemic?

Six student reporters across the country profile essential workers keeping the country going during the pandemic, from a UPS worker in Louisville, KY to a doctor in Baton Rouge, LA.

Bridgette Adu-Wadier from TC Williams High School in Alexandria, Virginia followed Jony Acuna who took a job as a cashier at Chipotle when his dad lost his job. Cecelia Spencer from University View Academy in Baton Rouge, Louisiana talked with Dr. Rani Whitfield, known as “Tha Hip Hop Doc,” who treats a largely African American population in Baton Rouge, Louisiana as they struggle through the pandemic. Kallie Griffin hopes one day to be a doctor. Kevin Myers from Dominion High School in Sterling, Virginia profiled a nurse who took a position in a COVID-19 ICU to serve her community and learn about medicine on the front lines of a terrifying war.

In Louisville, Kentucky, Maddie Weis from Pleasure Ridge Park High School reported on the impact of the virus on UPS and profiled Joe Ireland weighs shipping containers at UPS Worldport in Louisville. April Merino from Cape May Technical High School in Cape May, New Jersey interviewed Arcenia Reyes who talks about how her family’s Mexican restaurant is struggling to stay afloat. Finally, Kaleb Hernandez from Legacy Early College High School in Greenville, South Carolina talked with Dr. Angelica Perez, a clinical psychologist and a director of innovation and development at the Addiction Research Center at Clemson University.

Montage edited by SRL Youth Media Producer Eli Kintisch.