Malala, your courage has inspired us

Students from Kansas City, Mo., Searcy, Ark., Belcourt, N.D., Black River Falls, Wis., Richwood, W.V., York, S.C., Newark, N.J., Maui, Hawaii, Seattle, Cincinnati, Philadelphia, Missoula, Mont., Las Vegas, Los Angeles and Shenandoah, Iowa, all participated. Here are their questions.

The students also created personal video messages for Malala, thanking her for inspiring them, and even composing a song in her honor. Watch all those below:*This video was produced by Michaela Gornick from Sentinel High School in Missoula, Mont.**Students from The Arts Academy at Benjamin Rush in Philadelphia wrote and produced this original song for Malala. Writers/Performers: Emani Smith, James Broadnax, Stephanie Laurency, Brytnee Williams. Video shot by Rachael Slutsky**Kim Chexnayder of Paseo Academy in Kansas City, Mo., produced this piece.**This message was shot and edited by the students of Black River Falls High School in Black River Falls, Wis. Participating students include: Tyler Leadholm, Allix Ayesh, Matthew Bronsdon, Sheena Voge, Madelyn Hoffman, Christy Aleckson, Devin Newby, Katherine Malchow, Joel Kinder, Riley Rios, Arianna Anderson, Samantha Barnum, Kinzi Macintyre, Brian Gulbronsonand and Jordan Rondorf.**Students from Desert Pines High School in Nevada shot and edited this video message for Malala.*

*This message was produced by students from Turtle Mountain Community High School in Belcourt, N.D. Participating students include: Kayla Dionne, Gia Davis, Shania Thomas, Kiana Brunelle, Shaylee Baker, Shelby Marcallais, Summer Beston, Jaren LeBrett, Jerry Allery, Brock Keplin, Lane Day, Tanner Crissler, and Grant Laducer. Video shot by Emmalee Allery.*