A sit down to remember: Arkansas teens Interview Gov. Mike Beebe

Searcy High School students pose on the steps of the Capitol building in Little Rock, Ark.
February 10, 2013

Last week, a group of Searcy High School students, along with their broadcast journalism teacher Jacki Romey, descended on the state Capitol to interview Arkansas Gov. Mike Beebe.

The young reporters, who are members of the national Student Reporting Labs progam, are producing a story about the closings of the Maytag and Kohler plants in their hometown and how these changes have affected their community.

“We interviewed the state representative and senator already for the story and also wanted to know what the governor had to say about the situation,” said Searcy High School student Alex Davis.

Here’s what the students had to say about interviewing Gov. Beebe.

“It meant a lot to score such a large interview with such an important person. Putting as much work into the program as we did, it really felt as if all our hard work paid off.” Seth Cleveland
“It was insane to get this big of interview.” Hunter Birdsong


“It was a very special experience. To interview the governor was a big deal for a high school student.” Brian Hoffpauir


“It meant a lot to be able in interview the governor. Most high school students never get this chance.” Megan Bonner


It was just an honor. Six months ago I would have never though that I would be able to interview the leader of three million people, but that is exactly what we did.” Alex Davis
“Scoring the interview with the governor was big for me. It shows that with a persistent work ethic, you can do anything. I mean high school kids roaming around the state Capitol doing a story over business closing is not your everyday cup of tea.” Ryder Pasley
“It was a neat experience to get to go to the capitol and interview the governor. Not Everyday does someone get to call the governor to ask if we can interview him. I would have never though that this story would be this big of a deal and go this far.” Lacey Hall
“Interviewing the governor was a great experience. Even though I didn’t actually do the interviewing, it was a great learning experience.” Colton Hambrick
“It was a fun and interesting learning experience. I not only learned new broadcasting techniques, but also a lot about the closings in Searcy.” Ainsley Pinchback
“I consider it a privilege to interview the governor of my state. I don’t think many high school seniors can say they have had the chance to do that. Very neat experience.” Dylan Rohr