Students join conversation on politics, gun violence in schools

When breaking news is reported, stories often lack a youth voice or perspective.

After the tragic shooting of 26 students and faculty at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Conn., Student Reporting Labs mobilized its youth journalists and asked them to interview their peers about the tragedy.

A compilation of their interviews aired nationally on the PBS NewsHour.

The students also weighed in on gun violence and provided solutions to prevent the next school shooting.

More of the videos appeared on an interactive multimedia feature called ‘It Breaks My Heart:’ Students React to the Newtown Tragedy. 

Becoming aware of politics and how it influences the world around you is part of being an engaged American citizen.

Our youth reporters also interviewed their peers about how they became aware of the presidency and the effects politics has on their generation.

This piece is scheduled to be included in the PBS NewsHour’s State of the Union coverage.