Students Speak Out on the Biggest Issues in Education

On American Graduate Day, community organizations, celebrities and educators acknowledge their commitment to keeping at-risk students in school. PBS NewsHour’s Student Reporting Labs participated by asking students around the country about their most pressing issues in education. To listen to more student voices reflecting on education please click the photo below: Read More

Behind the Scenes with SRL

Get an inside look at the PBS NewsHour Student Reporting Labs program. This video was produced by Gil Garcia, a teacher and consultant for the Student Reporting Labs program. Read More

Lights, camera, compete! Student video tournament returns

Last year, the Student Reporting Labs program held its first media competition giving students an opportunity to submit fun videos to win some pretty cool prizes. This year, the tournament returns but with some changes. We've shifted the competition to two months and one round of video submissions. This year's challenge? To produce in 60 seconds or less, a video about the Student Reporting Labs program. Deadline is April 30. Read More

Citizens in the making: West Virginia teens report from capital

Students from Richwood High School in West Virginia interviewed policymakers about education funding and stereotypes portrayed on MTV's "Buckwild" reality show taped in their home state. Student Reporting Labs mentor Chuck Roberts, of West Virgina Public Broadcasting, was on hand to help them get the best video and audio. Suzanne Higgins, of WVPB, produced this behind-the-scenes video and talked to the teens about what they've learned from the Student Reporting Labs program. Read More

Students join conversation on politics, gun violence in schools

When breaking news is reported, stories often lack a youth voice or perspective. After the tragic shooting of 26 students and faculty at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Conn., Student Reporting Labs mobilized its youth journalists and asked them to interview their peers about the tragedy. Read More