SRL Partner Station of the Month: May 2017

Students from Pleasure Ridge Park and Hardin County High Schools tour KET’s studios.

Kentucky Educational Television

This school year, KET helped our Kentucky schools on a variety of projects, including this STEM story about the race to protect bats at Mammoth Cave National Park by Central Hardin High School and Pleasure Ridge Park High School’s excellent New Americans submission about a conversation club in Louisville. KET’s Director of K-12 School Services Brian Spellman had this to say about the station’s partnership with SRL:


How has the Student Reporting Labs program benefited your station?

Being involved with SRL has allowed us to build some strong relationships with students and schools involved in media production. We have collaborated with our schools to create segments which we have used as part of our education public affairs shows to have a student voice and perspective on a current education topic impacting our schools. We have also been able to provide some production intern opportunities for our SRL students and some other career/higher education possibilities.  

Why is it important to help build the next generation of public media producers and participants?

Our current generation of students are the future of public broadcasting and our future storytellers. Providing them with the multimedia techniques and how to properly turn their idea concepts into compelling/impactful stories is going to influence future generations of public broadcasters.

If we all had limitless resources, how could we make the Student Reporting Labs program in your community even stronger?

The idea what we could do with limitless funds is phenomenal, this would allow our station to provide on-site production support and training for our students in their creation of content. This would also provide students with more tangible pathways towards expanding their career or higher education learning opportunities.