Students relay their messages to the new president

Ahead of President Joe Biden’s inauguration, we reached out to our network of teens across the country to find out what they hope his administration accomplishes.

The country remains divided and tensions remain high as the Coronavirus pandemic, racial injustice, and the climate crisis continue to impact communities around America. Hear what young people think about this time in our history, in their own words. 

Teachers: Interested in working with your students to create their own messages? Use this activity. 

Here they are in their own words.




  • Frederick V. Pankow Center, Michigan (Micah Martin, Darielle Baker, Brooke Ringstad, Carlos McWhorter)
  • Oakland Military Institute, California (Genesis Diaz Velazquez, Nigel Feng)
  • Hardy Middle School, Washington, DC (Kennedy Corley)
  • Dominion High School, Virginia (Kevin Myers, Sonal Prakash)
  • Howard W. Blake High School, Florida (Britnee Blake, Janelle Lewis, )
  • Mercy High School, Michigan (Clare Jones)
  • Haldane High School, New York (Daniel Phillips)
  • Hughes STEM High School, Ohio (Shaden Lathrop)
  • Beaverton Health and Science School, Oregon (Andrea Salazar Lopez)
  • Mid-Maine Technical Center, Maine (Donald Mckenzie)
  • Lincoln Charter High School, North Carolina (Mason Fitzpatrick)
  • Green Hill High School, Tennessee (Ellie Cagle)
  • Etiwanda High School, California (Kiera Eckhart)
  • Westview High School, California (Damien Henson)
  • McCallum High School, Texas (Mick Southwick, Meredith Grotevant, Nyla Lassiter, Amaya Collier)
  • Brentwood High School, New York (Janice Aragon)
  • Judge Memorial Catholic High School, Utah (Henry Frech)
  • Desert Vista High School, Arizona (Gerald Johnson)
  • Wauwatosa West High School (Aniyah Chambers)
  • Free Spirit Media, Illinois (Emily Diaz)
  • Black River Falls High School, Wisconsin (Faith Leisgang)