Teen Vogue features SRL alumni Kennedy Huff

As part of a promotional partnership, Teen Vogue published a follow-up interview with SRL reporter Kennedy Huff about the Gardner-Betts Juvenile Detention Center as part of their Kids Incarcerated series for National Youth Justice Awareness Month.

Kennedy explains, “Growing up I’ve always been told don’t do anything that will get you into trouble with the law. It was preached that once in the system, the likelihood of getting out was close to impossible. With this in mind, it was important for me to show that with the right support — like music programs — juvenile offenders can overcome the obstacles in their path. I think people create a story for these kids, rather than just asking them or letting them tell you themselves…. Professional journalists worry about the rise in citizen journalism, but I think the access that my generation has to cameras and the internet allows us to tell stories like this. As young people, we see the world differently and offer a different angle. This diversity and in thought can lead to more exposure for the voiceless.”

The popular teen site first covered Student Reporting Labs content during the summer of 2017 with SRL Academy’s story on the oldest documented African American family and their connection to George Washington’s Mount Vernon.