What does #LifeAfterHighSchool look like for you?

The excitement of graduating is often coupled with the anxiety of what to do next, and the difficult decisions around work, school, and money that lie ahead.

We want to hear from students about what’s next after graduation. Are you taking time off school? Going straight to a four-year or community college? Entering the workforce?

We’re looking for graduating seniors interested in sharing their personal reflections on finishing high school and their hopes and plans for the future.

Submit your responses via a short video or a photo of yourself with a caption describing your plans on social media. TAG US and use the hashtag #lifeafterhighschool (Twitter and Instagram). We plan to curate and amplify your stories during the month of May and the first week in June.

For students who want to tell a longer story about #LifeAfterHighSchool or want to look back on the path that brought you to graduation day, submit your story!

If you’d like to submit a short essay for the campaign, our partner at WNET New York Public Media’s Chasing the Dream will be collecting essay responses about #LifeAfterHighSchool. We’re asking students to write a personal essay about what they plan to do after high school as well as the concerns, hopes, and questions they have entering this next chapter of their lives. 

Students can submit their essay responses through email to chasingthedream@thirteen.org. Your essay may be posted on Chasing the Dream’s website alongside essays submitted by older high school alum as they look back on their #LifeAfterHighSchool.