An amusement park with a zero exclusion policy

Communications Arts High School | San Antonio, TX

An amusement park with a zero exclusion policy from Student Reporting Labs on Vimeo.

Over the summer many students acorss the country found their way to beaches to build sand castles or learned how to surf, while others adventured to their nearest national park to interact with nature.

But what about those that can’t physically enjoy the full entertainment of riding a roller coaster or ferris wheel?

Popular amusement parks, including Disney World, Universal Studios and Six Flags, are partly accessible for those with disabilities but not fully. While there are compromises include maps with Braille and full ground accessibility, the rides themselves are not as accessible. Children that have limited mobility or those that are not completely ambulatory may not have full access to certain rides, and for them, this can be very disappointing. At Morgan’s Wonderland in San Antonio, Texas every child, regardless of their physical ability, has equal opportunity to play with zero exclusions.