At Bit of Hope Ranch, horses and technology make therapy more effective for troubled youth

Forestview High School | Gastonia, NC

Kristin Jaeger, a licensed arts, equine and substance abuse therapist, and mental health counselor works at Bit of Hope Ranch, an organization that provides a healing environment for both animals and humans. Brain-mapping medical technology has allowed Bit of Hope Ranch to keep track of the progress of those who come to the ranch for equine-therapy. Student reporters from Forestview High School documented their program.

Produced by Sarah Butts, Bailey Cochran, Lily Combs, Romello Shipman, Jordan Tuttle, Emmaus Vanderbilt, and Kaytlin Waldroup at Forestview High School in Gastonia, North Carolina. Instruction provided by SRL Connected Educators Melissa Heilig and Sally Griffin.

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