Kayla Hammer, Tennessee

Smoky Mountain Youth Media | Knoxville, TN

What if teenagers felt they had a voice in the future of our country? This election season, the Student Reporting Labs network of more than 100 schools across the country asked middle and high school students to talk to the next president about the issues they feel need to be addressed.

Knoxville, Tennessee student Kayla Hammer asks the next president to ensure funding for fine arts and sports programs so that young people can explore their creativity and passions.

Produced by Zach Bradley, Brett Baumann, Manuel Chellar, Griff McCallen, Jacob McDaniel, Jacob Neal, Katie Newhouse, Aubrey Salm and Lex Witkop, students of Smoky Mountain Youth Media at East Tennessee PBS. Mentor support provided by SRL Connected Mentor William Isom of East Tennessee PBS.