Managing North Dakota’s Bison Population

Turtle Mountain Community High School | Belcourt, ND

Researchers in Theodore Roosevelt National Park are working to assess the genetic diversity between North Dakota’s historical bison population and the park’s current herd. Students at Turtle Mountain Community High School learned what measures are being taken to understand the genetics of bison, which will enable the National Park Service to better manage the current bison population and ensure their survival.

Produced by Alexis Davis, Laney Trottier, Colten Birkland, Loren Lunday, Grant Birkland and Edward Falcon. Instruction provided by SRL Connected Educator Renee Aalund. Station support provided by Prairie Public Broadcasting. Mentor support provided by Tim Wollenzien.

Special thanks to Theodore Roosevelt National Park for the opportunity to explore the natural, cultural and educational resources being preserved for visitors from around the country and world by the park and its rangers.

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