Maui Waena Intermediate School, Hawaii

Maui Waena Intermediate School | Kahului, HI

What if teenagers felt they had a voice in the future of our country? This election season, the Student Reporting Labs network of more than 100 schools across the country asked middle and high school students to talk to the next president about the issues they feel need to be addressed.

The girls of Maui Waena Intermediate School have had enough of gender inequality. They want the next president to rally global efforts for women’s rights.

Produced by Angelina Alfano, Elise Aquinde, Micayla Ban, Czerena Bayle, Marygold Baldonado, Samantha Della, Mary Joy Dinong, Jacy Hanada, Jaycie Iha, Kealah Iha, Maria Inong, Malie Kamalo, Alyson Kar, Lauren Nashiwa, Maria Patrocinio, Tracy Del Rosario, Glenzy Salcedo, Destiny Seegmiller, Jairene Tadena, Emily Tom, Alexis Joy Viloria and Jadynne Zane, students of Maui Waena Intermediate School. Instruction provided by SRL Connected Educator Jennifer Suzuki. Station support provided by PBS Hawaii.