Racial tensions in Minnesota high school lead to student walkout

North Community High School | Minneapolis, MN

Earlier this school year, hundreds of students staged a walkout at South High School in Minneapolis. According to reports, the demonstration was a peaceful call for change. Students say they want more awareness for cultural and ethnic diversity.

Ethnic diversity has been a high-profile topic at South ever since alleged racial tensions led to a cafeteria fight.

Students from North Community High School, a Reporting Labs site in Minneapolis, interviewed their peers from South to get their take on what had occurred.


Our youth reporters also talked to their peers at South about cultural awareness and a looming threat of changing the All Nations program, which offers American Indian-specific programming at the school. Activities such as drumming and “smudging,” a cleansing act using burning sage, were once regular parts of the program but have been discontinued.

These videos were produced with mentor support from local PBS station Twin Cities Public Television, and is a partnership with TPT’s Constitution USA with Peter Sagal documentary.