Research at Mount Rainier seeks to understand the development of extraterrestrial life

Beaverton Academy of Science and Engineering | Beaverton, OR

Scientists are investigating the unique geology of Mount Rainier, an active volcano in Washington state. Mount Rainier National Park has the most glaciated peak in the mainland United States, and its combination of massive ice forms and volcanic conditions creates an interesting environment for ecological study. Isabelle Cordova and her classmates at the Health and Science School in Beaverton, Oregon, report on how scientists are investigating microbial life at the volcano and the possibility of such life existing on other planets.

Produced by Isabelle Cordova, Abbey Horn, Alina Salagean, Javier Collazo, Reno Marcos, Savannah Hutchinson and Kalei Kittleson, students at the Health and Science School in Beaverton, Oregon. Instruction provided by SRL Connected Educator Jared Agard.

Special thanks to Mount Rainier National Park for the opportunity to explore the natural, cultural and educational resources being preserved for visitors from around the country and world by the park and its rangers.

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