Meet SRL Alumni

Devin Newby

Devin Newby was one of SRL’s very first fellows who traveled to Washington D.C. back in 2014 for our student academy. At the time, his teacher, Julie Tiedens, said, “Devin is a rare student. As a high school junior, he has some of the best news leadership skills I’ve seen. Read More

John Dargan

Since interning with Student Reporting Labs and NewsHour Extra in 2012, John Dargan has worked with some of the most-recognized names in television and the Internet. What have you been up to since SRL? Since being an intern at PBS NewsHour I’ve worked in television and digital journalism. Read More

Keenan Penn II

As the only student to attend three SRL summer academies, Keenan Penn II, is a bonafide SRL veteran. This spring, Keenan will graduate from Fraser High School in the greater Detroit area. SRL asked Keenan to reflect on how his experience as a student reporter shaped his high school experience and… Read More

Alexis Davis

Alexis Davis, a member of the Turtle Mountain Band of Chippewa Indians in Belcourt, North Dakota, had never been out of her community or flown on a plane before she traveled to SRL’s Student Academy in 2016. Alexis is dedicated to teaching others about her culture, history and how to… Read More