Rilee Stewart

“I work inside of the MGM Grand Hotel and Casino so when the first couple of cases began to break out, I was immediately informed…Hotel occupancy went from 95% to 20% when the virus was just beginning to spread. At first, we found it fun to go up… Read More

Saanya Zaidi

“In December of 2019 I had broken my tibia playing soccer, since then it has been going to the doctors every two weeks and going to physical therapy every week. Now in the middle of a pandemic, I can’t go to the doctors or physical therapy. I… Read More

Carrie Jefferson

“I never imagined my life to turn into something that seems straight out of a movie. As a senior, I’m extremely upset at the possibility of major milestones in my life being canceled like graduating with my classmates and even a prom. However, I recognize the severity of… Read More

Megan Tanis

“Before the coronavirus happened, when we went to school, I was very stressed and always in a rush it seemed. I didn’t really let myself stop and I was always doing something. But now, all I have is time for myself, I felt my stress level go down… Read More

Emma Causey

“I don’t think anyone will be the same after this. We will see things in a new way, and hopefully, we’re all grateful for the life we have and for the people who helped protect us during this dark time. I want to see people in charge of… Read More