How do pipeline job opportunities impact young people in West Virginia?

Morgantown High School | Morgantown, WV

Young West Virginians wrestle with the decision to leave the state they love in search of economic security. The recent boom in natural gas pipeline construction is offering opportunities, but some are concerned the industry is only producing temporary jobs and further compounding the brain-drain of young, educated talent.

Produced by Kristy Choi, Briget Ganske and Victor Fernandez at PBS NewsHour Student Reporting Labs. Instruction provided by SRL Connected Educator Tiphani Davis. Student Producers: Maya Krueger, Kyle Shaw, Alia King, Paxton Marner, Carson Mara, Gareth Morris, Emma Waite and Mikael Virji at Morgantown High School in West Virginia.

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What does opportunity look like? Student journalists explore pipeline jobs in West Virginia