On Our Minds: Mental health podcast

Mental illness is on the rise among adolescents, with 1 in 5 teenagers living with a severe mental disorder [source]. And 70% of teens say that anxiety and depression are major problems among people their age in their community [… Read More

Justice For All

Millions of Americans know the Pledge of Allegiance. As they place a hand over their heart, they recite it at schools, sports events, political rallies, and citizenship ceremonies. The last three words: “justice for all” reflect a guiding principle of what it means to be… Read More

Education During a Pandemic

Students explore ways the pandemic has changed education by producing 2-5 minute news stories with interviews, b-roll, and/or voiceover narration. SEE STUDENT STORIES BELOW How these South Florida students are planning safe events for seniors How are Texas middle school students and teachers adapting during the… Read More

Our #Election2020

2020 has been a historic and tumultuous year. In November, local, state and national elections will provide millions of young people the opportunity to elect the government best suited to meet this extraordinary moment. SRL’s Election 2020 Rapid Response asks how young people feel about our… Read More

Moving Forward – How are young people challenging racism?

In the wake of George Floyd and Breonna Taylor’s deaths, teens across the U.S. responded to racial injustice with fear, hope, and resolve to make lasting change. Students capture teen voices on race and injustice in the U.S. and will film and interview students from their… Read More